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Are you looking for quiet time to feel focused and centred?

Do you desire to age well and still be agile in old age? Do you know the long term benefits of daily yoga practice?

I know doing yoga everyday for an hour isn’t practical, so I've designed a monthly program filled with high quality videos of short yoga practices. Will you join me?

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Why Yoga?


Yoga for You!

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension and promotes health and well being. Regular practice improves your health, vitality, energy, mindset and outlook on life.

Enhance Your Wellness

Yoga is great for many things in our busy lives. Overall strength, mobility and peacefulness are just a few of benefits.

Calm Your Mind

Yoga is great for many things in our busy lives. Overall strength, mobility and peacefulness are just a few of benefits.

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The Yoga Library is home to high quality, exclusive, short yoga practices that are designed to fit into your life, every day.  Yoga is a wonderful way to keep your body feeling full of energy and vitality, easing aches and pains and getting stronger.  Sometimes it is a place to go to find some peace and quiet and enjoy some 'me' time.

The yoga here is suitable for all levels. That is the beauty of yoga practice, it is a practice and every day we are different. Roll out your mat and let me guide you to a healthy body, mind and heart.

If you are ready to feel great, here are the steps you need to take to join me.

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Testimonials from Subscribers


"Each offering outlines the focus of the class, making it easy to find the perfect practice to support the time of day, as well as one's mood and physical state. Especially helpful is it allows my husband and I to practice together, despite his working full time from home. The audio is crisp and the video is clear, showing your modeling of the poses at just the right angle!"
~ Pam ~

"Shelagh has clearly put a lot of time and effort into making each session engaging and enjoyable. The filming and camera-work are very professional and a refreshing change from the one dimensional views you normally see online. I honestly feel as though Shelagh is in the room with me when I do one of her sessions and I’m so pleased that she set up the online Yoga Library."
~ Katharine ~

"The practices in the yoga library allows me to achieve all the benefits of yoga, mind, body and spirit. The monthly cost is worth its wait in gold. Thank you Shelagh. Without the library and being able to practice in my own time, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my peace of mind and my strong body with new strength I never dreamed of. I highly recommend joining Yoga With Shelagh Library, you will not be disappointed and the changes to your whole self will be amazing."
~ Wendy ~

"Physically and mentally I have not felt better in my life and I am 67. I am far more flexible, relaxed and generally healthier. I have lost weight, reduced my blood pressure and reduced my stress (very important especially these days). I have made some other life style changes simultaneously however practicing Yoga has opened my mind up to and helped me commit to these changes. I believe that Yoga practice is at the center of these lasting improvements - the anchor. Shelagh's Yoga Library is so convenient, offers a wide variety of options and is great value - super cost effective."
~ Mike ~

Time to Explore & Practice!


Enjoy and practice!

Every Sunday, three new practices will be added to the Yoga Library and you will receive an email notification telling you what the classes are. They will be designed for every day practice. Every time you want to practice, come to the Yoga with Shelagh website, Yoga Library page, login and press play.


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